PS2023 DEI

We are excited to announce our first set of speakers Psychedelic Science 2023, who are primarily recognized senior leaders of scientific research programs in North America.


We also feel obligated to address that this population skews white and male due to reasons rooted in systemic and institutional bias in our society at large, academia, and the psychedelic community, including historic and ongoing gender, racial, and ethnic discrimination.

While we continue to build out our event over the coming months, we are taking steps to ensure that we reflect the diversity of the psychedelic ecosystem.

We will be welcoming this conversation throughout the conference, including making it a topic of discussion on stage. Subsequent speakers announcements will include a diverse range of speakers on both this topic, and as general subject matter experts.

In order to ensure diversity and accessibility of audience members, we are also operating a scholarship program that is open to anyone in need, not just students, in order to include a wider community at the events itself.

We also offer discounted exhibition space and other participation opportunities for independent and not-for-profit community groups via our community partners program.

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