Purpose + Eligibility
  • In order to make PS2023 more welcoming and accessible, we are offering a significant number of scholarships to the official conference and classes.
  • Scholarships are intended for anyone (not just students) who wishes to attend, but are genuinely not able to afford our standard pricing.
  • We absolutely encourage anyone who wants to attend but needs some support to apply.
  • For those who are financially comfortable, we ask that you value the effort and expense it takes to produce these events and pay our standard rates.
  • Scholarships are not general discounts, intended to help defray cost of travel or lodging, or act as rewards for devoted community members.
  • Scholarships are typically given in the form of discounts (25-100%) against registration costs. Stipends for travel+lodging are extremely limited.


The Application
  • Application Process Closed – March 20, 2023
  • We encourage everyone to read the application and prepare a statement in advance before applying.
  • At present, the date an application is received is not considered as a factor.
  • The scholarship form is not a “test” or “scorecard”, and a wide variety of people will receive approvals.
  • Please do not consider questions about personal identities, education, licensure, and past community involvement to be definitive. Don’t worry if many questions or boxes do not apply to you.
  • We ask questions about racial, ethnic, gender and other identities as part of our goal to measure and improve the diversity of the community we serve. These questions are completely optional, and when answered, are only one factor among many that are considered.


Decisions & Notifications
  • Application Process Closed – March 20, 2023
  • We consider scholarship applications in batches every eight weeks or so, and release approve/decline responses following these reviews.
  • We consider a variety of factors and involve multiple people in the decision- making process. It is not a scorecard system.
  • We regret that we cannot offer status updates or individual feedbacks prior to a response.
  • We regret that we cannot approve all of the applications we receive, or provide feedback on reasons for individual decisions.
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