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June 19-23, 2023
Denver, CO

Psychedelic Integration and Harm Reduction in Clinical Practice

Monday June 19, 2023 9:00am – 5:00pm MDT

***Please note that this workshop is for licensed professionals only

Psychotherapists and other healthcare providers are increasingly called upon to help clients integrate profoundly meaningful psychedelic experiences into the fabric of their daily lives, resulting in long-term positive changes. This daylong training is designed for clinicians and healthcare providers who want to learn more about current psychedelic research and clinical practice, including how to work with patients who have a history of psychedelic use or have expressed an interest in using psychedelics. The themes of spirituality, ethics, and critical discussion will be woven throughout the program with opportunities for connection, collaboration, and building community.

We will discuss recent and current clinical trials, outcomes, legal status, and what it all means for the future of psychotherapy. We then move to the practicalities of defining integration and how it can occur in a clinical setting. We focus on translating research findings into clinical practice, including working with patients who are considering using psychedelics, currently using psychedelics, or have used them in the past. This program includes discussion of assessment and integration techniques, resources, and legal and ethical issues.
Program participant clinicians will complete the training with a conceptual and practical understanding of how to engage clients in discussions about psychedelics that are balanced, reduce potential for harm, and increase the potential for benefit from these experiences.

Instructors include

Headshot of Elizabeth Nielson, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Nielson, Ph.D.

Headshot of Ingmar Gorman, Ph.D.
Ingmar Gorman, Ph.D.

Headshot of Victor Cabral, MSW, LSW, CCTP-I
Victor Cabral, MSW, LSW, CCTP-I

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